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Why Shopping For Baby Clothes Online Will Save You Time & Money

Online Baby Clothes

Two and a half years ago when I gave birth to the love of my life I was awakened to a pain point that millions of Americans in my shoes also felt. Without the help of family and a husband with a new job, and trying to kick-start my baby clothing company, keeping up with my mini’s needs took a toll on me both physically and mentally. Between the stress of unstable income and raging post pregnancy hormones, I found myself grasping the reality around me for more time, and more importantly, more sleep. When the baby went down for a nap, of course my insomnia had to show itself in the most prominent of ways, so I tried to curb that by browsing through social media, and what I found was astonishing. There were hundreds of other online shops just like mine selling baby clothes, baby accessories, baby necessities, and much more. Because I designed our baby clothes and took pride in my business, I only purchased baby clothes from my own store, Better Baby Boutique, BUT I did shop for bibs, bows, swaddles, bottles, and so much more online only. 

The Problem With Retail Shopping

The luxury of shopping online comes down to convenience for new moms. As a new mom, getting yourself and your baby ready is an evolution with fast changing variables that can drive your mission off course on a moment’s notice from dirty diapers, to milk spills, and so much more. After 20 mins of negotiating your departure with your mini, you drive, park, load mini into a stroller and start navigating your way through the store. Finally, you reach the baby clothing aisle only to be interrupted by your crying bundle of joy who needs another diaper change. After completing the changing mission in a cramped, uncleanly public restroom, you make your way back to the aisle to finish shopping. Repeat this process 2 more times and you’ll finally make your way to the checkout line. From there, you begin navigating your phone for any and all available coupons only to see the fine print reads “*FOR ONLINE USE ONLY”. After overpaying 20 dollars, and navigating yourself through rush hour traffic, you find yourself back at the house. While placing the clothes on hangers and into the closet, you notice that you already have the ever-so-common Mini Mouse onesie given to you by Aunt Jenny at the baby shower and another trip instantly presents itself with the final destination being the return/exchange line. 

The Simplicity of Online Shopping

How can shopping for Baby Rompers, Baby Dresses, Baby Outfits and more online combat the nightmare on retail street? For starters, you won’t waste time or gas during the commute to and from the store BOTH times for the initial purchase and the return. You can navigate to your baby’s closet if you are willing to take a 20-step trip down the hall to check what items are already present in his/her wardrobe. There are hundreds of coupons available not only for Better Baby Boutique, but most other online retailers, so you know you’re getting the best possible price for your selections. Shopping can commence during your mini’s nap, interruption free. On Better Baby Boutique, all items are sure to turn heads and they are delivered within 2-5 days from ordering. Because our online baby clothing store is family owned and operated, we take pride in your order, so all items are hand-inspected for quality assurance and you have the option to exchange by mail should they not fit. 

So what are you waiting for? Save yourself time & money right now by shopping for baby clothes online with us or any other vendor. Leverage the convenience of your mobile device and start browsing for your baby’s necessities today, and then take a nap because you deserve it. 

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